SPYE has two orchestras: St. Paul’s String Orchestra and St. Paul’s Symphony Orchestra. Both orchestras welcome players of all ages up to 18.

St. Paul’s String Orchestra

This ensemble allows our young musicians to develop their orchestral skills in a relaxed and nurturing environment. Currently directed by Hannah Tattersfield, the String Orchestra plays a variety of stimulating and rewarding repertoire.

We welcome all string players who are able to read music independently.

St. Paul’s Symphony Orchestra

Our Symphony Orchestra welcomes string and wind players who have achieved an appropriate level of technical ability and have already gained ensemble experience. Through the direction of Peter Richardson and Katrina Buzzard, members of this orchestra will have the opportunity to explore a large range of styles, including symphonic repertoire.

Prospective players will be invited to an informal audition and chat with the music directors to assess where they will be best placed within the ensemble.